St Pius College – Tracey Campus at Oxford Falls

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Following the completion of the new multi-purpose hall, the client asked us to investigate the possibility of enhancing the existing system, which had been installed during construction.  Due to budget constraints during the construction phase, there were components that did not meet the client’s requirements for high sound pressure level (SPL) to cater for various events within the new space.

The front end control (power amplifiers and DSP processing) included Lab Gruppen power amplifiers and a Nion N3 processor, which were more than sufficient – the upgrade component mainly consisted of replacement of loud speakers.  We decided to install four Bose LT series loudspeakers, (2 front and 2 delays) with customised rigging.  The results were fantastic, with even coverage throughout the hall and high SPL for events where full band, multiple instruments and microphones are used.

Low frequency reproduction was catered for by Turbosound dual 18” subs, which were discreetly located under the stage.  Programming and control was by ex-control wall plates, providing the end user with all the necessary ancillary control during events where an operator was not required.

The system operates in two modes, mode 1 – basic mode (eg, everyday assemblies, where minimal usage of microphones is required), and mode 2 – performance mode (more complex arrangements).

We also upgraded the audio visual system in the form of a fully automated dual data projector and dual motorised screen for presentation of various mediums, including laptop, bio-box PC, or mobile cameras, with a matrix of signals to allow different images to be viewed simultaneously on each screen.   Control of the AV system is via Kramer hard key control panel, and vision transport via Kramer Cat 5 transmit-receive hardware.

nb,/ Existing loud speakers were reused within the campus and in the old gymnasium.  Minor upgrades of the campus-wide PA system and local classroom AV systems were also undertaken as part of the project.

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