Lewisham Hotel – A Solid Commitment For Live Entertainment….. backing the future.

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The Lewisham Hotel has always supported live entertainment, and has provided a solid foundation for live music artists for more than a decade.

To add to this commitment, the hotel has recently invested in what can only be rated as a ‘fully sick’ gig rig!! The rig predominately focuses on new audio hardware, to make a killer front of house audio system.

This new system includes a complete revamp for all elements, focused on front of house audio requirements including a premium 24 channel audio console, outboard processing and digital amplifiers.

Part of the existing audio hardware was retained and continues to be utilised. As an example, half of the old FOH system is now used as a killer drum fill monitor- can you NOW feel the kick drum?

The extensive upgrade also includes a newly custom built front of house bio box. This space is far roomier, and has also been re-orientated, allowing engineers a better chance to be in the correct audio environment to deliver a more realistic live audio mix.

The complete audio specification, based predominately around JBL, Crown and DBX is listed below

Soundcraft LX7II 24 channel audio console

DBX equalizers and compressors

Lexicon effect processor

Crown XTI series amplifiers

JBL MRX series speaker cabinets- FOH

JBL EON & JRX series speaker cabinets- F/B


4000 watt FOH system comprising of 2x MRX 525 series full range dual 15” & 1.5” horn loud speakers, 2x MRX 528s series dual 18” sub bass cabinets. Amplifiers are Crown XTI 2000 & 4000 models. The FOH desk is a Soundcraft LX7II 24 channel, 4 sub group, 6 auxiliary professional live mixing console. Dynamics include DBX 266XL compressors and Lexicon MX200 dual channel effect processor. All graphic equalizers are either DBX 231/131 models. Foldback monitors controlled via the FOH console allow 3 passive sends of stage monitoring. The main send is feed into a pair of JBL EON’s.  A second pair of powered loudspeakers are available for the second foldback send. Drumfill is covered by a single JBL dual 15” & horn. A wide selection of vocal and instruments microphones, mostly Shure, cover most live entertainers’ requirements.

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