Hearing Assistance

With current legislation requiring a minimum coverage of 80% for hearing aid systems within all public spaces (Building Codes of Australia, 2011), Clare Communications, having had more than 20 years of experience in this field can be counted on to deliver the precision, functionality and discretion complying with the required BCA and Australian Standards. Clare Communications are suppliers and installers of:

  • Conventional Hearing Aid Induction Loop Systems, from simple perimeter loop design to more complex Ultra Low Spill Phased Array designs for Churches, Houses of Worship, Courtrooms, Council Chambers, School Halls, Public Libraries, Universities or any other venue that needs to comply with current legislation
  • RF (Radio Frequency) Systems – client-managed system in venues that are not feasible for loop cabling, or where flexibility and mobility of hardware is necessary.
  • IR (Infra Red) Systems – Again, offering a client managed system, but especially where privacy is paramount (e.g. Courtrooms, Council Chambers etc). IR Systems via their emitter panels will not penetrate through walls, ceilings or floors, ensuring confidentiality. Most IR systems depend on line of sight transmission to ensure optimum performance.