St Scholastica’s Chapel – Glebe

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Under the direction of Architect Peter Walsh, and Harry Stephens from Sacred Space Architects, the chapel was undergoing a complete refurbishment, with specifically designed furniture, custom made altar and a glass blown light. With the need to be visually discreet with cabling and the speakers, and the need to make the system work with the eccentric orientation and highly reverberant space, Clare Communications had a challenge on their hands.

With the main body of the chapel having a seating orientation that was located on the wings facing one another, and the space opening out with alcoves before the sanctuary, it was necessary to include a number of functional modes into the design. One challenge was to ensure that the speakers in the main body would not cause a myriad of reflections from the opposing walls. Positioning and dispersion were critical, as was the type of output and all necessary EQ and compression to avoid standing waves.

With this in mind, it was decided to go with a Bose solution, which included a combination of 402 Series Panarays and DS 16 surface mount speakers.  The DSP of choice was an ESP-88 that enabled the functionality of storing various modes of speaker selections and processing necessary for the occasion. The CC64 control panel allows the user to select the type of modes based on the use of the space from small intimate gatherings around the sanctuary to a full mode selection for large events.

The client has been extremely happy with the upgrade and many positive comments have been received since the installation was completed.

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