Digital Bell Systems

Whether you are a school looking for an automated period bell system, a church looking for a digital bell system for weddings, funerals or service signifiers, or perhaps an organisation looking for an alarm or intercom system, we can supply you with the product best suited to your requirements.

School: The systems we supply can be pre-programmed to suit individual needs, or manually overridden as and when required, plus can be incorporated into your PA or intercom system.  They are user friendly, with a long battery life, along with back up battery to prevent loss of programming.  They also automatically change in accordance with daylight savings.

Finally, if you require a different tone to those available on these systems, we can supply you with a digital message announcer which will allow you to record your very own!

Church: Clare Communications supply the Tempora 4 Digital Bell Unit.  This unit has a large range of bell tones and is programmable as per your requirements.  Either we can install for you, or it can be pre-programmed and delivered Interstate, to be installed by a local contractor.  To see the PDF, please click here.