Ducted Vacuum Systems

Clare Communications Company also supply and install special purpose inbuilt Commercial Vacuum Cleaning Systems, which can be installed during initial construction or added under floor to existing buildings.  Whilst being a lot quieter than standard portable vacuum cleaners, ducted vacuums are renowned for their powerful, heavy-duty suction, removing far more dirt and dust from floors and furnishings than standard vacuums.  They can be used on any surface but are valuable particularly for removing inground dust and allergens, removing 100% of contacted dust from the air, unlike standard vacuums which often recirculate a good deal of dust.  This makes a ducted vacuum system a great choice for areas where many people congregate, or for asthmatics or allergy sufferers.  Because of their large bag capacity, they only need emptying a fraction of the times a standard vacuum cleaner would and have far greater longevity.