Many of the AV related items you require can be sourced right here, including but not restricted to:

  • Batteries – don’t forget to recycle your old batteries!           
    • Rechargeable (Powerex), Alkaline (Procell),  Lithium (Energiser)
  • Megaphones / Loudhailers
  • Microphones (general purpose, outdoor assemblies, wireless microphone systems, lectern microphone’s, etc)
  • Leads & cables (microphone, signal, instrument, power, patch, AV, etc)
  • Stands (microphone, speaker, lighting, musical)
  • Spares for radio microphone’s (battery covers, lapel mic assemblies, headset mic assemblies)
  • Portable P.A.’s  (ranging from over the shoulder carry, to 150 watt powerful P.A. systems for various events where portability is paramount and power not available, eg, school sports carnival)
  • Stage lighting globes
  • Audio Interfaces (direct injection boxes, laptop/iPod audio interface, hum busters, 100V line converters, phantom power supplies, volume controls)
  • Headphones (wired or wireless, classroom systems/group listening systems)
  • Wireless Classroom Sound Reinforcement Systems (Mipro, TOA, Listen)
  • Projector lamps and accessories
  • Vacuum Spares (bags, hoses & more)

Please give us a call on (02) 9519 4443 to place your order or discuss your requirements further.