Sound Reinforcement

Sound Reinforcement Systems are specifically designed to meet the exacting acoustical requirements of open areas requiring sound clarity.  They are very different from Public Address Systems in that more sophisticated types of equipment are required in order to facilitate the use of microphones, etc, in the same area as the speakers whilst retaining paramount acoustic performance. For instance, a P.A. System wouldn’t be suitable in an Auditorium, Church or Gym where multiple microphone use is required in close proximity to the speaker cabinets.

Hearing Aid Loop Systems fall under the category of a more specific solution to a specific requirement, and are an area we have had extensive experience in, as per the examples given below.  More detailed information on HAIL’s can be found under the Hearing Assisted tab.

For more complex systems, computer modelling is available for both sound reinforcement and hearing aid loop systems.

Most Sound Reinforcement Systems we design for Churches, Auditoriums, Halls and other external entertainment projects require some or all of the following facilities:

  • Analogue Mixing Consoles/Remote subgroup mixers – pre-set or live use
  • Overhead Live Stage or Choir Microphones
  • Multiple Live Microphones on Stage or Sanctuary Areas
  • Discreet Microphone placement with full sensitivity before “feedback” such as on Lecterns, Pulpits, Altars, Instruments, etc.
  • Digital Consoles with Stage Boxes linked via standard Ethernet cable
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) products where additional control is required – scalable depending on size of project
  • Hearing Aid Induction Loop Systems / Wireless Assistive Listening Systems
  • Hand and Body Lapel/Headset Wireless Radio Microphones
  • Sub-Woofer Speaker Systems for Low Frequency Sound Reinforcement
  • Loudspeakers of all shapes and sizes
  • Stage and Choir Fold-back Monitor Speaker Systems
  • Amplifiers, Patch Panels, Rack Cabinets, Custom Joinery, Lecterns
  • Remote Control CDs with special I.R. links for operation on or off stage or sanctuary
  • Network based Audio Players (controllable via smartphones and third party control systems)
  • Recording equipment and operator for special events
  • Outside broadcast installed outlets for large weddings, funerals, etc

It is only with the use of a properly designed sound system that a venue will be able to achieve optimum functionality.