Public Address & Period Bell Systems

Public address systems are usually more simple sound systems, for the purpose of making announcements, providing background music, evacuation and lockdown, and the like.  These systems are designed to suit internal or external broadcasting, within any venue you require sound to be dispatched via a centralised position.  Whilst generally quite straightforward, P.A. systems can still range anywhere from one microphone input to many, with sound broadcasted via internal and external speakers at various points around the venue for optimum clarity.

Whilst it can be a completely independent facet, a period bell system is often installed in conjunction with a P.A. system as a rack mounted unit.  The system allows numerous on/off tones within a 24 hour period, with the option to work to a week day or seven day schedule, making it ideal for school periods or factory shifts. The systems we supply can be pre-programmed to suit individual needs, or manually overridden as and when required, plus can be incorporated into your intercom system.  They are user friendly, with a long battery life, along with back up battery to prevent loss of programming.  They also automatically change in accordance with daylight savings.

Finally, if you require something completely different to what is available on these systems, we can supply you with a custom digital message announcer which will allow you to record your very own music, messages or tones.

Some of the components which may make up typical PA and Period Bell Systems include:

  • Education Single and Multi Zone Public Address
  • Stand Alone Assembly Systems
  • Automated message, music and tones (customisable)
  • Emergency Systems  (eg/ emergency broadcast /lockdown and evacuation)
  • Period Bell timers
  • Remote equipment shutdown and start up
  • Paging Microphones
  • Pre and Post Announced Chimes
  • Cordless Microphone Systems
  • Network Based Systems